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We are a women's Christian professional organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and employing aspiring and existing nonprofit leaders in their divine purpose. If you have the desire to serve others, we are here to support you. Join us, either in-person or virtually, at our monthly Legacy Brunch to learn, grow, and network with other inspirational women from all walks of life.

Our Mission

My mission is to grow my professional network to the number the Holy Spirit gave me in 2012 of 10,000 of individuals who support of my cause and assist me with raising awareness about Childhood Abandonment. 

Our Business Model

Building Economic Stability Together is the charitable arm to my parent company Cry But Don't Quit Success Coaching LLC., and when you purchase any LYBL merchandise we donate 100% of it back to the Childhood Abandonment Advocacy work being supported here with BEST's mission. 

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What we do

Recruit Members

We personally invite members to join BEST and be highlighted without bias or an extensive application process. 

Networking Events

We host virtual networking events periodically throughout the year that invite all members to join us to meet each other and to connect with India. 


We leverage our network to advocate for our Childhood Abandonment. No child should not have access to people who love them. It's our hope to show collective concern for others and ensure vulnerable teens are supported for success. 


Emotional Health


We share mental health resources and offer members discounted mental health services with the help of  our partners to promote strong families and healthier lives. 

Peer Mentoring 

We offer a safe-space for caring peer mentorship that can help answer questions, exchange insight, and cater to members either via email or in-person. 


Classes & Micro-Conferences


We teach classes, and host micro-conferences on a case by case basis depending on the needs of our members to share the expertise of industry leaders.

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